Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time Management Could Be Your Enemy

Strange thing about time management is the more time you spend thinking about how to manage your time, the less time you have to manage. Time management can be friend or foe.

People have a misconception about time management. They think if they are spending as much time as possible to get things done at break neck speed they have good time management skills.

Time Management is not just about getting things done. It is about doing the right thing at the right time. Working smarter not harder.

For example, if you are reading and sending tweets on Twitter every hour you are busy.
However are you productive? My guess would be probably not. Sending two tweets a day would be great and you would be free to work on other items on your "To Do List."

Email is a huge Time Management problem. Do you feel every time Google sends an alert to your desktop you must check the old email? Well if you do you are not alone, but think about this if you check email every alert and tweet on the hour, you are really busy, but are you productive?
Tweeting and checking your email distracts you from the tasks at hand.

Every time we loose our focus we have to work harder to get back to our original level of concentration. In retrospect more time is lost, just because you are busy does not mean you
are practicing good Time Management skills.

Have a plan, make a To Do List, prioritize,and keep focused so you can utilize your time effectively. That is real Time Management.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Junk In The Trunk? Sell it on Line: Start an Online Business.

Junk in the Trunk? Sell it on line and start an Online Business. Sound impossible? Not really !
Earning money on line does not have to have a high start up cost. You can start an online business by simply cleaning out the Junk in the Trunk . Lets get started by discussing some possibilities for an easy start up. In most instances it is as easy as 1 2 3.

affiliate_market_buttonImage by Fuzzytek via Flickr

Auction Sites are a great way to start clearing out The Junk In The Trunk syndrome. Don't be embarrassed, we all have the pack rat syndrome at times. The difference is now you are going to make money from yours. You are going to get you some Moolah from all that clutter. You can sign up at EBay and start cleaning out the clutter. Think about all of the many items you have hidden in every corner and niche in your home. That is not to mention the attic or the kids room. Don't click off the page, you know who you are. Closet Clutterers?

The auction sites for the Junk In The Trunk syndrome is only the beginning for you to start a lucrative online Business. This business model has a high potential for an extremely lucrative income. Although depending on the degree of aggressiveness you pursue you clean out measures you could end up with no junk. Imagine a world without clutter and the ChaChing in your pocket. You know as the saying goes:"one man's trash is another man's treasure." So go for it, you have nothing to loose except eliminating the clutter in your home and in addition, you are well on your way to starting your own online business.

You say:"O.K. but what do I do when I run out of The Junk In The Trunk?" Well, this is where the beauty of the Internet comes in and having your own online business. You can multi-task. Yep while you are obtaining bidders for your unwanted junk, you can sign up for the auction sites affiliate program and promote other merchants products. These are called affiliate programs and you are paid a commission when you match a person with a product or service. When affiliate marketing is done correctly it is a win,win,win situation. You win, the merchant wins, and the customer has been matched with the perfect solution or service to their problem.

Just remember please, it is all about the customer. The good affiliate marketer matches the customer with the solution. An auction site, coupled with affiliate marketing has the potential for a sound online business.

The plain and simple truth is starting something new is scary. We all experience different levels of fear when we consider new business paths. But this is the Internet and the world is at our finger tips. Just consider this: where else can you start your own online business with virtually zero start up cost? In addition you have the potential for a two phase business model in one location and you have the opportunity to help people. And the very best part is you got rid of The Junk In Your Trunk and made money. You have to love the potential of the opportunity and that my friend is the "plain and simple truth."

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do You Want To Know How To Earn Extra Cash On The Internet? Read This Report:

The prospects of starting your own on line business
is exciting. If this is something you have been
considering to earn extra cash on the Internet, there

View of Wall Street, Manhattan.Image via Wikipedia

are some points to consider. One of the questions
you need to ask your self is Do you want to know
how to earn cash on the Internet? Learning to earn
cash is a process..baby steps one dollar at a time.

The Internet allows you to transact all of your
business on line from the comfort of your home. It
allows you to pick your own hours and to set your
own earnings. A sound business plan is needed to
start your on line business, just as a strong business
model is needed for a conventional brick and mortar

There are numerous business ideas and models to
earn cash on the Internet. So lets get right too a
couple of ideas.

Affiliate marketing has a low start up cost and
allows you the opportunity to earn extra cash on the
Internet. You join an affiliate program and the
merchant, in most cases ,furnishes you with the
necessary advertising tools. You will be responsible
for generating highly targeted traffic to your
website or blog. When the customer clicks on your
affiliate link to make a sale, BAM you are paid a
commission for the sale. Affiliate marketing requires
patience and dedication. Above all you must
remain consistent in your endeavors to earn extra
cash on the Internet.

Another possible online home business is to become
a customer service representative. Many companies
outsource their customer service component. Most
of the time you are a direct employee of the
company and you are paid for the hours you work.
You work from the comfort of your home. To start
this on line business, usually all that is required is a
land line telephone, an Internet connection and your
computer. A monetary value is assigned per hour of
work, where as affiliate marketing you are paid a

Advertising on Times Square, New York CityImage via Wikipedia

commission for each sale. Customer Service is a
great on line business opportunity, and it does allow
you to earn extra cash on the Internet.

Advertising is another option to earn extra cash on
the Internet. AdSense ads posted to your website will
generate a small income stream for you. It does
require that you have a website or blog. You place
ads on your website and when the ads are clicked
upon your earn money from Google..pretty cool
huh? So if you have numerous websites or blogs
you have the ability to place numerous ads and this
allows you the opportunity to earn extra cash on the

With a little planning and research you can find the
perfect On Line Home Business. Mix that with a
little determination and dedication and you have the
perfect recipe to Know How to Earn Extra Cash
on the Internet.

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